Mediabloc For Creators

Mediabloc is the next generation media marketplace that will connect creators of digital content with online publications and digital distribution platforms focused on audio and video content. The core Mediabloc mission is to help creators connect with untapped distribution platforms, gain a larger audience, and garner a broader reach while increasing monetization of their content through a decentralized distribution network.

Creators directly benefit from content authorization stamped on blockchain and the true monetization of their work through a network of traditional and digital distribution platforms connected to the Mediabloc marketplace.

Tools and services to help creators build and manage their multimedia content business are also available on the platform.


Creator App and CMS (Content Management System)

The Mediabloc creator app will be available for download in the near future. The app will enable creators to capture and edit audio and video content and seamlessly publish to the Mediabloc CMS (content management system) and marketplace.

The Mediabloc CMS will support multimedia content in all formats and will also integrate with existing publishing tools and social platforms including Instagram and Youtube. 


       Content capture and ingest features for instant submission to Mediabloc in real-time or from existing library

       Logging and tagging to deliver packaged and raw footage to partners for real-time use

       Full-editing features to add titles, special effects and more

       Community and collaboration tools to enhance the user experience


Mediabloc creator app and CMS coming soon.  For updates and early access please register.